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Start seeing the benefits of providing quality information to your members and visitors today with accurate Pin Sheets or Zone sheets. Use daily or for club competitions and special occasions.


Benefits For All Courses and Members With or Without a SkyCaddie

Only SkyCaddie

Maps its course database on foot, with survey grade mapping equipment. That’s why SkyPins is used and trusted by Professionals on tours like the Legends Tour in Europe.


SkyPins, powered by SkyGolf’s patented IntelliGreen and TruGround course mapping.

Enables tournament directors, facility managers and superintendents to produce accurate daily color pin sheets for their facility or event with the exact shape of each green showing the pin location.

Top Golf Courses around the world welcome their members and visitors by providing them with the best information possible so that their customers can play their best golf and fully enjoy the course. Just like a tour caddy, SkyCaddie and SkyPins, provides this same detailed information, helping golfers play better, PLAY FASTER and have more fun.

  • Used by professional tours

  • Add Your Event Sponsor

Why is SkyPins unique?

SkyPins by SkyGolf can be your trusted Pin Sheet partner because SkyGolf has the largest library of walked golf courses and golf greens in the world. SkyGolf’s specialist course mappers have walked on foot the outlines of hundreds of thousands of golf greens worldwide. This makes SkyPins unique and ready to be used by golf facilities all over the world. SkyPins is proving its accuracy by being used in professional events and golf tours around the world. In 2021 SkyPins is being used in all PGA National tournaments and qualifiers in the UK, all tournaments on the PGA EuroPro Tour and is also being used in all Tournaments on the Legends Tour, former European Seniors Tour. Enhance your members and visitors experience by providing them with accurate distances, speeding up play with a personalized Pin sheet.


SkyCaddie & SkyPins

Impressively, as soon as the pin locations have been entered into SkyPins they are available instantly for any SkyCaddie players who use the LX5, SX400, SX500 and SX550. These players just need to sync their SkyCaddie wirelessly and it will download the days pins ready for their round. Now your members and visitors who already enjoy using golf’s most accurate GPS rangefinder can now get distances to the pin.

SkyPins provides a professional and value-added benefit for your members and visitors!

Because SkyGolf has been mapping and regularly, proactively updating courses for over 20 years, we have the largest library of courses with ground mapped greens in the world.

  • Exact green shapes are provided via SkyGolf’s TrueGround mapping

  • Able to see hazards around the greens

  • Greens are oriented towards the golfer’s approach shot in the fairway

  • Pin distance provided from both Front and Center green targets

  • Pin distances provided to left and right sides of green

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for SkyPins?

Simply click here to register your interest and then our sales team will be in contact with you

We only use Zones so will this help us?

Yes you can print a color zone sheet for your facility to add to your golf cart holders or to provide to your walking customers.

Do we have to use SkyPins every day?

Completely up to you and your facilities demands as to how much you use it and when.

What's the cost of using SkyPins?

For a golf facility stocking SkyCaddie products, the cost is only $149 per year (CAN: $195, UK: £149 Inc Vat, EU: €175 Inc Vat). Non-Stocking facilities, the cost is $995 a year (CAN: $1295, UK: £995 Inc Vat, EU: €1159 Inc Vat).

Do I need a special paper or printer to print the SkyPins sheets?

SkyPins allows you to print on standard paper from a standard printer, in color or black and white and in different formats such as half sheets for cart pin sheet holders or full sheet to carry with you.

How much time does it take to create a pin sheet?

Once your greenkeeping staff have provided the pin placement for the day, it takes less than 5 minutes to enter and save the pin settings. Click here to watch short tutorial

What device do I need to set pins?

Just a laptop or desktop PC. Mobile access will follow shortly.

How do I set the pins in accordance with the Pro-Front?

The easiest way to set the pins correctly is to print a test sheet of your greens and give this to whomever is setting the pins. This shows the orientation of the green and the location of the Pro front. The Pro front is where they need to start walking from when setting pins.

I am not sure if my course is mapped by SkyGolf

Check for your course here.

Can I sell advertising on my Pin Sheets?

YES! SkyPins offers the ability to add a logo for your advertiser. For example, a local car dealership wants to advertise at your course or you have a corporate golf event visiting your facility. SkyPins offers an additional revenue opportunity.

Can I track pin locations I have used in the past?

Yes, SkyPins stores all of the Pin Sheets that are created unless you manually delete them.

Can I set pins in advance?

YES, there is a calendar which allows you to choose the day you want to set. Currently, you can create Pin Sheets up to 14 days in advance.

Do I have to change the pins each day?

If you don’t change the pins, they will stay where you last set them until you next change them. There is no pressure to change them daily. SkyPins is here when you need it.

We have more than once course at our facility, will it cost more?

No, each facility will be set up to include all courses at that facility. For Corporate facilities with more than one location please speak to our sales representative for more information.

Is there a limit to how often I use the system?

Use it is as much or as little as you wish.

How does a customer with a SkyCaddie get today's pins?

With SkyCaddie models such as the LX5, SX550, SX500 and SX400, the simplest way is via WiFi sync. First search for the course, then choose Update from the “Course info” page. You will need to be in a WiFi area to do this update. After updating, the customer chooses the days pins on the “Play Golf” page before starting their round.

If I need support, who do I contact?

Please contact us via with your name, facility name and contact phone number.

What Chris Joyce, Head of Tournament Operations for The PGA of Great Britian Says About SkyPins

“A SkyCaddie gives players more information than a sole distance to the pin, and we place great value on our long-standing partnership with them. Their latest innovation, SkyPins, now creates an enhanced tournament experience for PGA Professionals who participate in the Association’s national schedule. “It is a fantastic service, very easy for golf clubs to use, and you can personalise the pin sheets according to the name of the competition that day. All players get a colour pin sheet including info about greenside penalty areas and bunkers, and those with SkyCaddies can also synchronise their devices to view the tournament pin positions before each day’s play – thus getting an electronic version of the pin sheet on their SkyCaddie screen. “The PGA already uses SkyCaddie’s ground-mapped data when setting the pin positions for National events, so by using SkyPins on their SkyCaddie they are directly downloading the work done by our PGA tournament staff.”

Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact us for more information on how to get SkyPins for your facility. Be sure to include your facility name in your message.